Committee Meeting Minutes 17/08/2016

  1. Call to Order
    1. All committee members were present. Also present were John Sharp, Sam Crossan and Keri Rafferty
  2. Apologies
    1. Due to all Committee members being present, no apologies were submitted.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. The Committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting.
  4. Matters Arising
    1. The committee reviewed and updated the action points of the previous meeting as follows:
      1. Update sign in sheet [AC] – Done
      2. Wi-Fi Downstairs [AC] – Ongoing
      3. Storage boxes [JC] – Done
      4. Premises [ALL] – Ongoing
      5. Procedures/Task List [AC] – Ongoing
      6. Keys for John [JL] – Ongoing
      7. Journal/Receipt book – [AC] – Done
      8. Pokémon Draft [AC] – Ongoing
      9. Magic tournament [JL] – Ongoing
      10. Painting tournament [AC] – Done
      11. Barbeque [N/A] – Will not complete
      12. Membership Cards [AC] – Ongoing
  5. Charity progress update
    1. Jo Lind and Alastair Campbell met with Third Sector for advice and it was felt that working to becoming a charity was in the best interests of the club. Work will be undertaken by the Committee to get the club into a place where it can transition to a charity. This will grant the club benefits of being able to more easily raise funds and to have a more secure legal framework.
  6. Charity advice
    1. John Sharp, who was sitting in on the meeting, is experienced with running gaming clubs and charities in the past. He has offered his expertise in assisting the club and improving it to become a charity. This advice is generously received.
    2. John Sharp suggested that the club should generalise the terms ‘wargaming’ and ‘tabletop gaming’ in our constitution to simply being ‘gaming’ to grant the club the ability to be flexible in what we provide and support. It was agreed that perhaps ‘tabletop gaming’ is sufficiently generic at the present [N.B. John had worked from an older version of the club’s constitution, through no fault of his own] but perhaps the terms should be generalised further when the constitution is next revised.
    3. John Sharp for similar reasons suggested that the club consider renaming itself from Dumfries Wargaming Club to something with less emphasis on Wargaming, since it is not the club’s only or even primary focus. This led to an intense discussion which will be covered in more detail in point 7.
    4. John Sharp also raised the point that the constitution, while being well written, is too prescriptive. He suggested that other documents such as the code of conduct, disciplinary policies etc. be responsible for denoting the operating procedures of the group, and leave the constitution to mostly point towards those documents. This was suggested due to complications and difficulties in changing the constitution down the line, especially when a group becomes a charity. It was agreed that this should be done when the Constitution is next revised.
    5. John Sharp posited that the Committee could be renamed to “Leadership Group” and emphasized that this was more of an opinion of his own than legal advice. This was suggested on the grounds that people have an image of a Committee sitting around and not getting much done (which definitely isn’t what we do!) where “Leadership group” may have better connotations. No consensus was sought on this point, perhaps it can be discussed at a later time.
    6. John finally recommended that there should be some mention of shared responsibility in the club’s constitution. We (the Committee) already feel that the club succeeds and fails as a whole and that any success or failure is on the back of every member of the club, but it was recommended that this attitude should be codified in the constitution of the club.
  7. Club Rebranding
    1. John Sharp raised the issue that people interested in card games or board games may not recognize that they are welcome and a major part of what the Dumfries Wargaming Club do. Keri Rafferty agreed and contributed an personal anecdote of her experience to reinforce the point. The Committee discussed the possibilities of renaming the club. It was agreed that the Club logo was ideal and shouldn’t be changed, so any name ideally should fit the logo. Alastair suggested renaming to “Dumfries and Galloway Gaming Club”. Other names were also suggested, including several ‘joke’ names. A vote was held on whether we should rebrand the club. Joanna Lind, Alastair Campbell and John Cartledge voted in favour. Andrew Hannah voted in favour of delaying the decision, and Rory Anderson voted against rebranding.
    2. It was determined that the club should rebrand to the Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club, making the club’s initialism “DGGC”. Alastair Campbell is to work towards making this rebranding effort as quick and painless as possible.
  8. Review of club accounts
    1. Joanna Lind shared details of the club accounts. The club’s finances are healthy and the club remains profitable.
  9. ComiCon Glasgow
    1. The bus to ComiCon Glasgow is still arranged. Alastair Campbell is to post an announcement seeing who is still interested in attending. Ten places are available for £10 each.
  10. Next event
    1. It was agreed that another big event should be held. Several suggestions were raised for this, including a big roleplaying event, a murder mystery event, a star wars themed event and a generic big board gaming day. It was suggested that a roleplaying event was not really the best thing to get new people involved due to the complexities of adding someone into the game after it has started and so on. A star wars themed event was agreed to be a great idea and was suggested to be delayed to Star Wars day, 2017 (4th May, 2016).
    2. It was agreed that a big board games day is to be held some time in November. This will be discussed in greater detail at the next committee meeting.
  11. Video games
    1. Alastair raised the point that several club members had brought in handheld consoles and playing games on them. It was agreed that these kinds of games were acceptable to play but it was also agreed that any video games played at the club should be ‘social’ in nature.
  12. Kanban board
    1. Alastair suggested getting a kanban board system showing all outstanding tasks to be completed by a member of the Committee, who they are assigned to and their current status. It was agreed that we could try this out and Alastair is to get the resources needed for it.
  13. Battlemats
    1. Alastair suggested getting some new battlemats to replace the MDF boards. It was agreed by the committee that these battlemats was a good idea and that the plastic Games Workshop terrain should be kept.
    2. However, it was agreed that due to the rebranding and upcoming board games events, that this should be a lesser priority at the moment and that funds should be spent more on getting new board games and rebranding.
  14. Notice board content
    1. Alastair raised the point that the notice board was rather empty. It was recommended by Sam Crossan that perhaps someone should take responsibility for maintaining and updating the notice board. This was agreed to be a good idea. John Cartledge suggested himself for the role and it was agreed that this should be done.
  15. Club video(s)
    1. It was agreed that this discussion should be delayed until after the rebranding is complete.
  16. Social media/marketing
    1. It was agreed that this discussion should be delayed until after the rebranding is complete.
  17. Any other business
    1. Everyone in the meeting felt like two hours was long enough and decided that any other business wasn’t important enough that it couldn’t wait for a week until the next meeting. Alastair told an interesting straw-related anecdote and then we decided to play The Resistance and Ultimate Werewolf.
  18. Date of next meeting
    1. It was suggested by Rory Anderson that a meeting was required sooner than later. The next meeting was set a week from now and will be held on the 24th of August.
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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.