Committee Minutes 24/08/2016

  1. Call to Order
    1. All committee members were present. Also present was Jamie Ross and Sam Benzie.
  2. Apologies
    1. Due to all Committee members being present, no apologies were submitted.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. The Committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting.
  4. Matters Arising
    1. The committee reviewed and updated the action points of the previous meeting as follows:
      1. Wi-Fi Downstairs [AC] – Ongoing
      2. Premises [All] – Delayed
      3. Procedures/Task List [AC] – Done
      4. Keys for John [JL] – Done
      5. Pokémon Draft [AC] – Ongoing
      6. Magic Tournament [JL] – Ongoing
      7. Membership Cards [AC] – Ongoing
      8. Accounts [JL/AC] – Ongoing
      9. Rework constitution [All] – Ongoing
      10. Rebranding [AC] – Done
      11. Post ComicCon Announcement [AC] – Done
      12. Next event [All] – Ongoing
      13. KanBan board [AC] – Ongoing
      14. Update notice board [JC] – Ongoing
      15. Youth Bank report [JC] – Ongoing
      16. Timer for Tuck Shop [AC] – Done
  5. Rebranding update and issues

    1. Alastair has completed most of the work required for the rebranding, including changing the website, social media pages and redesigning print media which is currently ordered. Club attire (hoodies) still need to be ordered by Joanna Lind, which will be done soon.
    2. Sam Benzie inquired if only T-Shirts were available and the Committee agreed that anything that anyone wanted would be possible providing they were willing to pay the costs of doing so.
    3. Rory raised his concerns about changing the name being against the constitution. John and Alastair stated that the name would temporarily be a ‘Trading As’ name until the name could be formally changed at AGM. Alastair also suggested that continually pestering the club members about every change and putting everything to an EGM is not what the members want and that the members just want the Committee to do a good job of running the club. John C agreed to seek opinions from Club members regarding the rebranding in advance of next meeting.
    4. Alastair divulged all of the feedback that the club has received from other sources, most notably a member of the Annan Gaming Club. This members’ statement raised two main points, firstly that the new name would “drive a wedge” between the Annan club and ours, and secondly that our name would make us legally responsible for all gaming in the region. Alastair gave a summary of all of the feedback he had on the issue, from John Pickles (the Chairman of the Annan Club) and various members of the Five Arches Gaming Club and read a statement from the original complainant stating his opinions.
    5. Each committee member shared his or her opinions on the matter. The committee unanimously agreed that the name change should not cause any additional legal issues. However, Alastair did state that, while he believed that, very unfortunately, their relationship with the Annan club may suffer in the short term and that the Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club should work with Annan to try and offset this and improve relations, the cost of redoing the branding work again would far outweigh the benefits of this.
    6. Alastair suggested that we should take steps to improve the relationship between Dumfries and Annan, such as having our members go up to the Annan club and running shared events. This was agreed to be a good idea.
    7. Alastair and John C. both made the point that the Club is absolutely, completely open to criticism and feedback, but the club’s public Facebook page wall is not an acceptable method of feedback to the Committee. Feedback should be sent via email, private message on Facebook, by filling in a feedback response form, individually raising the point with the Committee or by various other means.
  6. Social Media / Marketing
    1. Alastair raised the success of the Facebook campaign we ran for a day last week. It was agreed that this was a good way to spend £4 and it was agreed that £5 a month could be budgeted to social media marketing.
    2. Alastair also raised the possibility of creating a guild for the club, which would cost $15 and the benefits of which is to be investigated
  7. Next event
    1. A board games event was agreed. A list of games to get for it was suggested. Alastair is to make a poll to see what games people are most interested in.
    2. This event is to be scheduled for the 22nd of October (Last saturday of October holidays)
  8. PAT Testing
    1. John C. mentioned PAT Testing. It was agreed that this was not necessary to undertake. John agreed that we should keep a copy of the legislation on file to present if needed.
  9. Any other business
    1. John C. wanted to get labels for keys, it was agreed that he could do this.
    2. Joanna is to pay £50 for storage boxes, and £405 rent to the Dumfries YMCA
  10. Date of next meeting
    1. The next meeting shall be on the 7th of September, 2016.
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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.