Learn2Play – Warmahordes! This Wednesday

Come and learn how to battle for control of the Iron Kingdom, if you’ve got the metal!

Come along to the Dumfries & Galloway Gaming club this Wednesday to learn how to play “Warmahordes” – both the games Warmachine & Hordes combined!

Warmahordes is a fast-paced, action-filled skirmish miniatures wargame. Each player commands a powerful Warcaster or Warlock and their battlegroup of powerful steampunk alchemical magical automatons, or magically empowered and controlled mythical beasts of furious power!

If this sounds like a game you’d be interested in getting into, now is your chance! I will be running a demonstration game for new players to come along to learn the rules, or for older players to come along for a refresher, in advance of an upcoming Warmahordes league!

If you have never been to the Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club before, we’d be thrilled to welcome you! Your first night is free (normally £1) and we run gaming twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday’s from 4pm to 10pm!

We can be found at the Dumfries YMCA on 24 Castle Street, just a two minute walk from the centre of town.

Hope to see you there!

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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.