Committee Minutes 07/09/2016

  1. Call to Order
    1. All Committee members were present. Also present were Keri Rafferty and Jamie Ross.
  2. Apologies
    1. No apologies were made.
  3. Approval of minutes
    1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
  4. Matters arising
    1. Wi-Fi Downstairs – Alastair has tested power-line adapters from the upstairs office to downstairs next to the tuck shop which didn’t work. He plans to try running power-line adapters to the kitchen upstairs to get wi-fi down through the window next.
    2. Pokémon Draft – This is scheduled for Wednesday 28th September.
    3. Magic Tournament – Two of these are scheduled, one for the 14th of September and one for the 5th of September.
    4. Membership cards – Alastair has ordered the materials required to print 100 membership cards. This will be done when the register is completed and we hold necessary details of all members.
    5. Accounts – JL, AC and JC are meeting on Friday to update and sort the accounts.
    6. Rework Constitution – AC is to complete a draft of the new SCIO constitution and get it to the committee for review.
    7. Kanban board – This is done
    8. Update noticeboard – This is done
    9. Youth Bank Report – This is done!!!!!
    10. Seek opinions on rebrand – Done, members seem satisfied.
    11. Post a poll for board games – Done and done.
    12. Key labels – Done, but need to be made / applied
    13. Pay for storage boxes – Done
    14. Pay for rent – Done
  5. Constitution changes
    1. A draft SCIO constitution was received from Selina McMorran of Third Sector. It is a template which needs to be filled in with the appropriate information
    2. A few points for the SCIO draft had to be agreed.
      1. It was agreed that the club’s official name shall be Dumfries and Galloway Gaming Club.
      2. It was agreed that the club was too small for a seperate committee and board, so it was agreed that the Committee should cease to exist and be replaced by the board.
      3. The maximum number of board members was agreed to be seven, with a maximum of two people co-opted, and a maximum of five elected members.
      4. The primary purposes of the club were agreed to be:
        1. Provide a safe and comfortable environment for participation in the gaming hobby in Dumfries & Galloway.
        2. Encourage learning and the development of skills through the medium of gaming
        3. Promote and support the gaming hobby in the region
      5. It was agreed that membership should be open to all, though only to under 16s with parental consent.
      6. It was agreed that the board would make available copies of the minutes to members upon request.
    3. Alastair is to make the relevant changes to the draft constitution and forward them to the Committee for review.
  6. Next event
    1. Ground work for the marketing for the next event is to begin as soon as possible.
    2. Alastair agreed to sort out posters, talk to West Sound Radio and the Dumfries Courier.
    3. Committee members agreed to come up with three ideas each for what to do at the event.
  7. Club representation at other events
    1. John Cartledge suggested that the Club should be representing itself at gaming shows and events. It was agreed that this was a good idea. John agreed to get in contact with events organizers around the region as a start to this.
  8. New club member/committee register
    1. Alastair pointed out that the SCIO constitution requires that we keep a register of all members including postal address. These details are to be kept in a club database.
    2. Alastair will prepare this and get the missing details from members to update the register.
  9. More storage
    1. It was agreed that more storage was needed. John Cartledge is to get 4 storage boxes of the same type we already have.
  10. Battle mats
    1. It was agreed that we should go ahead and purchase some battle mats for the club, spending around £100 on them for now. Alastair Campbell is to get this sorted out.
  11. Any other business
    1. The committee is going to post a matrix of the board games that they each know how to play. This is to help people see who to speak to to learn a game and also to identify gaps in the knowledge of the committee for the upcoming board game day.
    2. Joanna has confirmed that the committee hoodies have been ordered.
    3. Joanna requires committee members to fill out forms for the PVG checks, Alastair agreed to help get this done.
    4. Membership renewal for the GCN is due. Jo is to pay this.
    5. Tiered membership – Committee are to come up with three ideas.
    6. Get an official relationship with Hadrian’s Hobby’s – Alastair is to speak with Andrew Naisbitt regarding this.
  12. Date of next meeting
    1. The next committee meeting shall be on the 21st of September.
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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.