Pokémon Steam Siege Draft – Wednesday 12th October

Pokémon Steam Siege Draft

Wednesday 12th October, 6PM – 9.30PM

Entry fee: £15 | Includes 6 Steam Siege booster packs | Prizes to be won

The Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club will be running a Pokémon Steam Siege Draft. The entry fee will be £15. The rules for the draft shall be the same as usual:

  • Any energy card counts as all types of energy.
  • Drafting in the usual take one, then pass the rest method.

The prizes shall depend on the number of people taking part, but there will be at least two booster packs as prizes.

Alastair Campbell is the tournament organizer, any questions you have please direct them to him by Facebook message, comment or by email (alastair@dumfriesgaming.com)

Good luck!

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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.