Aether Revolt Draft

A revolt takes place on Kaladesh. The Renegades have seized control of large portions of Ghirapur. Led by Pia Nalaar and aligned with aether-pirates, essence-drainers and weaponsmiths, they seek to overthrow the authority of the Consulate. The Consulate responds with increased security and surveillance, the seizure of unregistered inventions, the monitoring of aether distribution, and the enforcement of a city-wide curfew. The Gatewatch and Ajani Goldmane support the renegades, while searching for the nefarious planeswalker Tezzeret.
DGGC will be running a draft of Aether Revolt on the 25th of January! Anyone is welcome to enter, £10 per person or £12 for non members. The draft will follow the usual rules, with the usual prize support: One booster for entering, two more for first place and one more each for second and third place.
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John Cartledge

John has been part of the club since its founding at the Oasis Centre in Dumfries, and worked to improve and grow it since. He's always up for a game of something or other, and can often be seen scheming the next model or piece of terrain for the club.