Albanich 2017

Dumfries and Galloway Gaming Club will be attending the Albanich 2017 event at the Cairndale Hotel on March 11th this year! Doors open to the public at 10AM and we hope to see lots of faces new and old! This is our first time at Albanich (Indeed any wargaming event we didn’t organise ourselves!)

The event will see many traders such as Hadrian’s Hobbies and Warlord Games who will no doubt be showing off new and exciting miniatures and games on the day!

For further information, see the Solway Miniatures site where a complete list of attending traders and clubs can be found!

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John Cartledge

John has been part of the club since its founding at the Oasis Centre in Dumfries, and worked to improve and grow it since. He's always up for a game of something or other, and can often be seen scheming the next model or piece of terrain for the club.