Friday Update – 5th of May, 2017

Want to know what was discussed and decided at the last Committee meeting? Then look no further than today’s Friday Update!

Email newsletter

The club’s first ever email newsletter was sent out this week, I’m really glad we’ve gotten to the point where we can reduce our reliance on Facebook for organising everything.

If you’d like to receive our email newsletters, you can sign up here.

Events for May

We already have a number of events planned for May, including a draft for Final Fantasy and a Shadow Wars: Armageddon campaign. We’re also considering the possibility of organizing a Magic: the Gathering league.

If you have an idea or desire for an event, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and share your idea and we can see what we can make happen!

May Survey: Tuck Shop

We confess, tuck shops aren’t that important to the smooth running of a gaming club. But snacks and drinks go hand-in-hand with gaming. So, this month, we’re interested in how you feel about the tuck shop, and how you think it could improve.

You can complete the survey here. It has only six questions, should take less than three minutes to do.

Even if you don’t use the tuck shop, we would appreciate some feedback on what you’d like to see, or why you don’t use it!

Games with adult themes

As part of the feedback we received during our satisfaction survey, a complaint was raised about games with adult themes being played at the club, which is intended to have a family-friendly atmosphere.

We do not wish to censor any games, however any games with an “adult theme” (16+, use the guidance on the game box, or if you have any doubts, ask) can now only be played after 9PM, which coincides with the “watershed” for adult television broadcasts.

We hope this is a fair compromise for everyone involved.

Policy documents updated

We have updated a number of our official policy documents. The reason for this is that the digital copy of these documents was lost during a recent failure of the club’s Dropbox account. These policies have been rewritten, with no major changes in practical terms.

It’s likely that they will continue to be worked on, updated and tweaked, as well as other documents rewritten so we have them all in digital format.

The latest version of these documents can be seen here:

These documents are now in effect and will be posted on the club’s notice board as soon as possible.

That’s all, folks

But remember, playing RPGs gives you magical powers*!

*Playing RPGs will probably not give you magical powers.

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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.

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