Tidy Up and The Bitz Box!

Yesterday we had a good tidy up of the shelves in the corner of the hall. We have moved things like paints, tools and terrain making stuff to the very top, the middle two shelves have a mixture of terrain tubs, playmats and boards as well as more tubs of board games.

In the very near future, everything stored at the club will be contained with tubs. This makes it easier to keep the place tidy as well as find the things you need when you need them. We ask that all club members who are using these resources to help keep them tidy at all times. Committee member Kevin won’t be afraid to point out when you’re making a mess!

Something we did find during this tidy up was a large amount of loose miniatures under the shelving unit. There are some mini’s stored appropriately in storage cases and these are fine where they are. But we did see lots of random miniatures in random bags that are impossible to know who they belong to or understand why they are there.

If you think these are yours, then this is your chance to rescue them before they are rolled in with the clubs own mini’s. After that there will be a tub with the clubs owns miniatures that members are free to use (and tidy away of course!).

Finally, we have started a large ‘Bitz Box’ for the use of our members. So for those who like converting mini’s or just need that extra plasma pistol to complete their squad Space Marine, then they might find what they need in the Bitz Box. We would like to encourage everyone who has bits lying around the house to bring them in and contribute to the box, especially if they plan on taking pieces out. Hopefully we can fill the tub to the brim and look forward to a good old rummage to find the bits we need.

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