Whats Going On? July 2017

Only two weeks in and June has already been a successful month with the start of a brand new Magic the Gathering league which has over a dozen players battling wits and rekindling old rivalries!

At the end of the month we will have another Board Game Night on Wednesday the 28th and we hope to see even more faces taking part than last month. And the club would like to thank Sarah, Christopher and Samuel for helping make it a fun night for all.

Looking ahead at a July, the calendar has the followed things lined up:

• The release of the new edition of Warhammer 40k will undoubtedly see a surge of interest from old and new gamers alike for the month of July and beyond. Check out the previous post on the club page for more information.

• Paint Night – Monday 19th of July. The club has many talented and apprentice painters who love to collect and personalise their miniatures. ‘Paint Night’ will be great fun for all those who would like to get together and paint their mini’s in good company. Even if you don’t paint miniatures, you could always help support the club and touch up some of the terrain that has taken a bit of a beating.

• D&D Epic Night – TBC. Committee member Alastair has intriguing plans for a large scale Dungeons and Dragons event. Watch this space for more info!

• Board Game Night – Wednesday 26th. And as is the trend the end of the month will culminate in another night of board game enjoyment.

Hope to see you all then!

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