Tabletop terrain upkeep

A number of members from the club today spent 3 hours tidying, repairing and touching up the terrain boxes so we can all enjoy a good standard of terrain in our tabletop games.

Can I remind everyone that most of these resources are owned by the club and are for appropriate use by our members. There are also a number of other gaming boards and terrain pieces that are actually owned by member of the club who kindly let others use it so these should also be treated with respect.

Although general wear and tear is expected, the lack of effort from some with regard to tidying up after themselves and not taking the time to ensure they have been put away carefully will spoil these resources for everybody.

All that we ask is that all the terrain is treated as if it was your own and is tidied away properly. Anyone who is unable to do so will not be permitted to use the club’s terrain.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Additionally, a┬ánumber of boxes and bags of models were found underneath the storage shelves during the tidy up. These must be removed from the club next week or they will be disposed of or assumed to have been donated to the club. We cannot hold or store other people’s belongings at any point and will not be held responsible for any item left behind in the club.

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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.

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