Announcing the Gamer Store at the DGGC

We’re happy to announce a new addition to the services we provide to our club member: the Gamer Store. We’re launching this as a pilot scheme to see how it turns out, if you have any feedback, let us know!

What is the Gamer Store?

We’re happy to give you the opportunity to buy supplies for your favourite games right at the club, at very fair prices. Currently, the Gamer Store only has Magic booster packs for sale, as well as some card game supplies (sleeves and deckboxes), but if this testing phase is successful we may extend into other games based on demand.

How will it work?

At the start of this scheme, the Gamer Store will be opened every hour or so, at the same time as the tuck shop to gauge demand. If this seems like too often, we’ll reduce it down and see what works out!

It will be possible to pay with either cash or card, just as with the Tuck Shop now.

What are the prices like?

  • Three booster packs for £8, or alternatively £3 each
  • Card sleeves (x50) for £2.50
  • Deckboxes each for £2

Will the Gamer Store make profit?

The Gamer Store will be ran under the same terms as the rest of the club and the tuck shop: Any profit made from sales will be reinvested directly back into the club.

Feedback is appreciated

This is a trial we’re running to see if it can work out and be another way to support the club and provide services to the club’s members. So, if you have any thoughts, let us know by messaging the club’s Facebook page.

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Alastair is the gaming club's chairman, and also manages and runs the D&D Adventurer's League program, hosting three groups of players every two weeks. He is a self-proclaimed expert in D&D 5th Edition. In his spare time, he plays more D&D.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Gamer Store at the DGGC

  • 16th August 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Mhmmm… How fair that they would start with MTG. Seems extremely biased to me but thats just my opinion

    • 18th August 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Hey Anon,

      Thanks for your feedback. MtG was chosen as the pilot because it is easy to stock and sell as anyone who is interested in buying Magic would buy the same stuff. This makes it significantly lower risk (financially) for the club to invest in. For 40k and other games, there are multiple different armies and it’s more difficult in terms of initial investment and complexity to stock and sell.

      If the initial pilot is successful, it’s possible we will look into other things, such as hobby supplies (paints, brushes, glue, etc.) for miniature games, but this is also slightly more risky in terms of money for the club.

      Edit: It’s worth noting that if you have any suggestion of something you’d like to see, I’d love to hear of it!

      Hope this makes sense, as always your feedback is welcomed and invited. Thanks.



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