MtG Events April-June 2018

With the upcoming release of Dominaria on April 27th and a return to the plane that started it all for Magic’s 25th year anniversary, I am excited to announce the DGGC’s upcoming events.

We are hoping to run the following events in the next few Months, so hopefully as many of our members can play as possible.

  • Ixalan Block Constructed Tournament – Monday 23rd April – Dumfries YMCA
  • Dominaria Draft No. 1 – Friday 4th May – Starbucks
  • Dominaria Draft No. 2 – Monday 14th May – Dumfries YMCA
  • Dominaria League – On-going event 21st May Until 18th June – Various

Ixalan Block Constructed Tournament – Monday 23rd April

It is time to say farewell to Ixalan, but before we do what better way to celebrate it than with a block constructed tournament. Ixalan will be the last 2 set block, with wizards going on to focus on single sets going forward for the time being, so this will be our last chance to play in a block restricted environment that includes more than 1 set for the foreseeable future. This event will adhere to the following:

  • £5 entry fee
  • 1st place will receive a Dominaria players bundle as soon as possible after the release of Dominaria.
  • The event will only run if there is a minimum turnout of 8 players.
  • Decks must be 60 card minimum, with an optional sideboard of up to 15 cards.
  • Decks must only contain cards from Ixalan or Rivals of Ixalan.
  • The event will start at 6PM at the DGGC at the YMCA, players will play 3 Bo3 rounds, each round will be allocated an hour time slot.

Dominaria Drafts – Friday 4th May AND Monday 14th May

It has been a while since we last hosted a draft, and Dominaria is a special set for magic and for us, so we want to make sure everybody can have a crack at drafting this cool looking set. This will follow our standard method of running a draft, for those who aren’t familiar:

  • £10 entry fee, giving you 3 packs to draft with and buying you into the prize pool
  • 3 Bo3 rounds of play, each win will add 1 pack to your final prize pool.
  • Drafting will start at 6PM, including construction of a 40 card minimum deck
  • After the draft is complete games will start at approx. 7PM and each round will have an hour time slot.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, to the first 8 people who hand in their £10. The Draft on Friday 4th will take place upstairs in Starbucks and the Draft on Monday 14th will take place at the YMCA.

For those who aren’t sure what drafting entails or if you need a reminder: How To Draft


Dominaria League – 21st May – 18th June

After our massively successful Amonkhet League I have had several requests to run another, and there is surely no better set than Dominaria to run in this format. This time we will be doing things slightly differently, to be hopefully more flexible for players:

  • £10 entry for 3 initial booster packs to build a 30 card deck from.
  • Each week after the first you can buy an additional booster pack to add to your league deck for £2.50.
  • Each week if you are having a hard time and have lost 3 games, you can buy another additional booster pack for £2.50
  • Games can be played at the player’s leisure, in or outwith club, just take your sheet and deck with you, and remember to record your games, return them each week for review and to purchase your weekly pack (if desired)
  • At the end of the 4 weeks return your sheets and I will work out winners and prize allocations (Make sure to play consistently and as many games as you can to maximize your prizes)

For those who aren’t sure what playing in a League entails or if you need a reminder: What Is an MtG League?

I hope everyone is as excited as I am and I look forward to your responses.

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