Monday & Wednesday – 4PM ’til 10PM – Dumfries YMCA, Castle Street

Tabletop gaming in Dumfries

We are a tabletop gaming club aimed at young people but adults are welcome to come along. We play a whole bunch of tabletop, card and roleplaying games. Take a closer look at games we play.

Great value social gaming

Six hours of gaming for as little as £1 – less than 20p an hour. And what’s more, you can try before you buy, because your first session of gaming is always free.

Competition & Events

We consistently organize events for many games – competitions, drafting, leagues, tournaments… the list goes on. Join in on the action and claim the glory of victory! Take a look at what events are on.

Scenery & Terrain

We have a wide selection of scenery and terrain for all sorts of games, including game boards for a wide variety of settings, including space, ocean, winter and forest.

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